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Projects are the best way to get your hands dirty and build something. Learn about machine learning, web development, and blockchains as you build projects with fellow students.

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Introduction to Web Development

The basics of creating a website, from HTML to React


Crunching data with Python

Visualizing past World Cup data with Python libraries

Build the future with Ethereum. Coming soon!


Learn Solidity and ship a dApp

Build a React app on the blockchain through a smart contract

Explore the unknown with AI/ML. Coming soon!


Create an AI writer assistant w/ GPT-3

Ship your very own AI writing tool using Open AI.

SAIS Hack Club

Providing SAIS students with an experience that inspires, educates, and develops future leaders in computer science.


HTML to React

Big data with Python (soon!)

AI writer assistant (soon!)

Work with Ethereum (soon!)

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